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Do I qualify for the COMPASS Journey?

Requirements (all)

  • You are a senior pastor or an associate pastor of a Church of the Nazarene in the United States or Canada.
  • You agree to engage in and complete the year-long COMPASS Journey.
  • You allow the COMPASS Initiative to contact your district superintendent for his/her recommendation.

Qualifications (at least 4)

  • You have a “debt ratio” of 20% or higher (debt ratio = total monthly debt payments, divided by gross monthly household income, times 100).
  • You have more than $5,000 USD in educational debt remaining.
  • You have more than $10,000 USD in combined consumer, medical, or student debt remaining (including spouse's debts but not including mortgages).
  • You have not signed up for a US Nazarene Fidelity 403(b) account or a Canadian Registered Retirement Savings Plan.
  • You have not contributed to a US Nazarene Fidelity 403(b) account or a Canadian Registered Retirement Savings Plan for past three years or more.
  • You live in a parsonage or rental and have no other housing investments.
  • You have less than 3% of annual household income in non-retirement savings (an emergency fund).
  • You have delayed medical treatment for yourself, spouse or child due to financial stress (dentist, doctor, medical procedure, medication, preventative treatment, etc.).
  • You do not have medical insurance coverage. (Christian Healthcare Ministries such as Samaritan Ministries or Medishare that share expenses is not considered medical insurance.)
  • You owe more than $10,000 USD on “family participation” student loans for a child or children.

You may submit an application if all of the requirements and at least four of the qualifications are true for you.

If you “almost” qualify you are encouraged to submit an application. We understand that each individual has his or her own unique circumstances which may warrant participation in the COMPASS Journey.


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If you do not qualify for participation in the COMPASS Journey, the resources found on the COMPASS Academy web page are always available for you.


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