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2021 Wesley Center Conference


NAE Financial Health

  • A tool for utilizing NAE's Financial Health resources throughout the year to increase church generosity
  • Find 37 Best Practices and 150 online resources to help any size church grow in generosity.
  • A 5-minute Self-Assessment Checkup: Find out your church's financial health score and the areas where you can improve. Available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean and more. (5 minutes)
  • Over 50 creative ways to show God's love for your pastor. (1 hour)

Expense Reporting

Pastoral Retirement Accounts

  • The form that EVERY CHURCH must submit in order to contribute to their pastor's retirement savings account.
  • The form that EVERY PASTOR needs to fill out in order for the church to contribute to his or her 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan.
  • An explanation of the relationship between the local church's payment of P&B allocations budget and the benefits the pastor receives from P&B. (15 minutes)

Pastoral Compensation


Tax Reporting