Software and Apps

  • A free app that links to your bank and credit cards that helps you keep track of your spending and savings
  • $40 Software for your PC ($75 for MAC) with online resources that allow you to create a budget, track your income and spending, and manage loans - will even link to your bank
  • Create a budget & track spending from your computer, iPhone or Android device, to knock out debt, build wealth, and start living

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

NAE Financial Health

  • A tool for utilizing NAE's Financial Health resources
  • Some of the best free and online resources to help improve your household's financial health.
  • A 5-minute Self-Assessment Checkup: Find out your financial health score and the areas where you can improve. Available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean and more.



Budgeting for Beginners

Fidelity Resources

  • Online tools for comparing repayment options for your student loans using your own data
  • Fidelity's short videos on many financial topics related to retirement

Bank of America/Khan Academy

  • Videos, infographics, articles on credit, debt, saving & budgeting, retirement, and much more


Introductory Courses for Personal Finances