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"Financial Hope in Lifelong Ministry"



The True North Retreat is a three day, high impact, transformational retreat for the pastor (and spouse if married) for intensive training, inspiration, and practical skills in personal financial management. This event is "by invitation only" for the COMPASS Journey participants in greatest need. We are unable to accommodate children or childcare, so please plan accordingly. The minister and spouse will need to give their undivided attention to the retreat.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Biblical Financial Management and Stewardship

  • Building a Financial Plan and Budget

  • Creating a Debt Freedom Plan

District superintendents are encouraged to nominate one or two ministers from their districts to attend this event. Please nominate ministers who could benefit from an intensive weekend to focus on their own personal financial challenges.


Ministers are expected to bring detailed information about their own finances to the retreat so they can go through this process with their own "real numbers." This is a practical hands-on retreat enabling ministers to get a jump start on addressing their financial challenges and to leave with a realistic plan and achievable goals.  Participating ministers will also be placed in cohorts with fellow ministers for accountability and support for the following year.

The retreat staff and counselors will treat each individual with dignity and sensitivity, recognizing that sharing the reality of one's financial situation can be a frightening and vulnerable thing to do. The True North Retreat is not meant to shame anyone, but rather to inspire and empower ministers to be free from financial bondage.

All retreat materials, hotel accommodations, meals, and shuttle service are provided by The COMPASS Initiative with financial support available for attendees' travel expenses.

All participating ministers (and spouses) are expected to enter into the True North Retreat Covenant.

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