Compass Journey

The COMPASS Journey is designed to empower transparent and safe conversations between the pastor & spouse and lay leaders concerning the financial needs and challenges of the pastor and the local church.

After acceptance into the COMPASS Journey, the pastor forms a “COMPASS Team” consisting of the pastor & spouse and two lay leaders to engage in these conversations. Then they develop a COMPASS Journey Plan to address these issues.

Financial matching grants are available to each pastor or full time associate who qualifies for the COMPASS Journey and implements their COMPASS Journey Plan. The local church will raise half of the pastor's grant request and the COMPASS Initiative will match the church's contribution up to $5,000 USD.

Interactive Journey Map

CreateEngageReceiveExplorePlot a CourseBegin the JourneyCourse CorrectionsArrive at DestinationEnjoy Newfound Freedom!Explore your needs.Explore the COMPASS Academy.Include your accountability team in the planning process.Fill out each section of the Journey Plan.Submit your Journey Plan and receive approval.Communicate with church leadership.Your COMPASS accountability team advocates for you.Begin following your Journey Plan.COMPASS sends the matching grant to the local church.Submit quarterly reports.Submit the final report and the final grant request.The local church gathers its total contribution to your grant.The local church disburses the grant funds.Send receipts of your payments to The COMPASS Initiative.Explore the needs of your church.Amend your Journey Plan as necessary.




  • Verify Qualifications

  • Submit Application

You will receive an email within two weeks regarding the status of your application. If your application is approved, the email will contain a username and password to log into your COMPASS account. In your account you will find instructions for developing a personalized COMPASS Journey Plan.

  • Form a COMPASS Team

  • Develop a COMPASS Journey Plan (found in your COMPASS account)

  • Submit your COMPASS Journey Plan for approval

Again, you will receive an email within two weeks with an approval to begin the plan, or a request for more details or changes. Once approved:

  • Implement your one-year COMPASS Journey Plan

  • Meet with your COMPASS Team monthly

  • Submit quarterly reports (found in your COMPASS account)

At the end of your one-year Journey:

  • Submit your final report (found in your COMPASS account)

  • Submit your final grant request (found in your COMPASS account)

Upon approval, your matching grant will be sent to your local church where it will be added to the church's portion of the grant. The treasurer will disburse the funds to you to be used for debt reduction and/or retirement savings. 

  • For US pastors: All debt reduction grant funds will be disbursed to you as regular taxable income. Be aware that you will be responsible for the associated taxes. All 403(b) contributions will be made directly to Pensions & Benefits USA by the local church treasurer, as an additional employer contribution.

  • For Canadian pastors: All grant funds will be disbursed to you as regular taxable income. Be aware that you will be responsible for the associated taxes.

  • Use the grant funds to pay down your debt and/or as a contribution to your 403(b) retirement account (US) / RRSP (Canada).

  • Email copies of your payment confirmations to the COMPASS office.




Do I Qualify?


Journey Application